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Pope at Santa Marta: Cherish those who accompany you in life

During his homily at Casa Santa Marta, the pope said God wants individuals to live as a family. He invited Christians to cherish the people who help them along on life's journey.

Think about all the people who accompany you on the path of life: neighbors, friends, co-workers, classmates. We're not alone. The Lord wants us to be one people. He wants us in company.

Pope Francis emphasized that selfishness is a sin. He also reminded Christians to thank God for never leaving them alone.

(Source: Vatican News)

Pope Francis centered his homily on the theme of the family, which he said is not only made up of father, mother, brothers, uncles and grandparents, but also the larger family of those who accompany one on the path of life for some time, at the workplace or in school.

Remembering Patrizia, who was leaving after 40 years of service, the Holy Father said the Lord want people to be in company, not alone. He does not want them to be selfish, and selfishness is a sin.

Pope Francis said it would be good for each person to gratefully remember those who accompanied him or her on the path of life and also in gratitude to God, thanking Him for not leaving anyone alone. The pope noted there are always problems where there are people, including at Casa Santa Marta. One prays and chats, and sometimes, he said, one also sins against charity.

Sin, patience and apology for failings are all in the family, the pope said, and made Patrizia’s farewell an opportunity to remember, thank and apologize to all those who accompany us. He urged all to do so in their own situations. Offering a “big thank you” to those who work at Casa Santa Marta, the Pope wished Patrizia another 40 years of this second part of her life.

Claudia Torres