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Rome Reports

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Rome rediscovers ancient monument dedicated to its founder, Romulus

This historic monument was hidden for centuries in the middle of the Roman Forum, at the foot of the Curia Julia. It is dedicated to Romulus, one of the founders of Rome, according to tradition.

Director, Colosseum Archaeological Park

“We know Romulus couldn't have been buried. Sources tell us he was quartered. Others say he ascended into heaven like the god Quirinus. So this place is a memorial.”


“We should speak, above all, about a rediscovery, because the excavations were made toward the end of the 19th century. What happened was that the structure of the Forum, what we see today in the Roman Forum, was buried. This means the interpretations which could be made then, regarding the remains of Romulus that were found, were very different from those we can make now, 120 years later.”

After many centuries, at the start of the 20th century, Giacomo Boni became the first person to reveal this monument's existence.

Director, Colosseum Archaeological Park

“He discovered this whole area. He discovered the Comitium, the Lapis Niger. He also discovered this monument. However, he publicly announced the discovery without interpreting it. After 120 years, we also found what Boni had discovered. He said he found a marble box with a small cylinder.”

Thanks to its strategic and symbolic location under the Curia, and a short distance from the place thought to be where Romulus died, some say celebrations honoring one of the founders of Rome were held here for centuries.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Claudia Torres