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Artificial intelligence experts meet in Vatican to form pact on ethics

The Pontifical Academy for Life will bring experts on ethics, law and health to the Vatican to propose an artificial intelligence that respects human dignity.

President, Pontifical Academy for Life
“Clearly all of this responds to the moral urgency and ambition to prevent technology from controlling human beings and not vice-versa.”

Artificial intelligence has brought about huge advances in areas like health, the economy and defense. However, there are also lots of unknowns as to how personal information is being used.

St. Anne of Pisa Middle School
“We have to be present in this sector, where ethics and rights are important. It needs a guarantee of individuals' universal rights, with respect to the collective. For us, who believe in life, it's important to protect the individual as part of the collective.”

The event, “The 'Good' Algorithm? Artificial Intelligence” aims to open the conversation on the importance of developing technology that puts human life at its center.

Pontifical Academy for Life
“As human beings, we have a unique condition. Take an elephant, for example. An elephant won't forget something that catches its attention or a life experience. That's where the phrase, “an elephant's memory” comes from. In turn, we, as human beings, have to write things down to not forget them. Why? Because we experience things that supersede our biological structure.”

During the meeting, tech experts will sign a declaration of the Vatican's commitment to promote ethics in artificial intelligence.

Participants will include Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, John Kelly III, executive vice-president of IBM, David Sassoli, the president of the European Parliament and Dongyu Qu, the director general of the FAO.