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Congregation for Causes of Saints celebrates 50 years with new website

It's been 50 years since the beginning of the Congregation of the Causes of Saints under this name. To celebrate, the congregation not only had a private audience with Pope Francis, but also launched a new website, causesanti.va.

Cardinal Becciu, prefect of the congregation says this online presence makes them more relevant. 

Prefect, Cong. Causes of Saints
“Today we're in the middle of easy communication, of communication in common for everyone and communication at your fingertips. Adults use it and above all, young people. So today, if you want to know something, you just have to click on the web and immediately you have the article.”

Similarly, the website, currently only in Italian, explains the process to become a saint. Beginning at the fame of the person, to the diocesan phase to when it arrives at the Vatican, each phase is explained in depth. 

Card. Becciu says the website makes his life easier, since the process for every potential saint is updated online. Everyone can see if the cause has reached the congregation or the pope yet. 

Prefect, Cong. Causes of Saints
“I don't have a great memory and I can't remember each saint. So I say, 'Look at the website and you'll find everything there.'”

Articles and the processes of venerables, blesseds and saints are continuously being updated. Right now, blesseds date back to 1664 and saints to 1934. 

The process is one they have undertaken to make saints and blesseds available to everyone, in the palm of their hand. In this way, as Cardinal Becciu says, they can inspire everyone to live their faith courageously and become the saints of today. 

Melissa Butz