Pope at Angelus says he will follow Curia's spiritual exercises from home due to cold

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Despite feeling a little under the weather, Pope Francis kept his usual appointment with pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square for the Angelus.

He asked those present to pray for the Roman Curia during their spiritual exercises in Ariccia, which the pope usually attends.

Unfortunately, this cold is keeping me from participating this year. I will follow the reflections from here. I unite myself spiritually to the Curia and all the people living moments of prayer by doing the spiritual exercises at home.

Pope Francis reflected on Jesus' 40 days and nights praying and fasting in the desert, where He was tempted by the devil three times.

The pope said Jesus' steadfast responses and adherence to God are an example of how Christians should face temptation.

Jesus doesn't dialogue with the devil. Jesus responds to the devil with the Word of God, not with His own word. When we are tempted, we often begin to dialogue with the temptation. We begin to dialogue with the devil. “Yes, but I can do this, then I'll go to confession. Then this, then that.” Never dialogue with the devil!

Pope Francis asked Christians to stay attentive, to avoid falling into the devil's alluring temptations of “alternative paths.” He said the farther one grows from God, the more defenseless and helpless one feels in front of life's existential problems.

The pope also expressed his concern for people suffering the ravages of war in different parts of the globe.

I am rather saddened by news we receive of many displaced people, so many men, women and children thrown out because of war. There are so many migrants around the world, asking for refuge and help.

Pope Francis said this situation of displacement has worsened notably over the last few days, likely referring to tensions in Greece and Turkey exacerbated by increasing numbers of Syrian refugees. He thus asked Christians to continue to pray for those affected.


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