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Rome Reports

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Vatican also on lock-down, following Italian-enforced measures

While Monday had lines of pilgrims waiting to enter St. Peter's Basilica, Tuesday showed a different scene. The square was completely empty, blocked by wooden fences and police. 

That's because at noon, the Vatican officially closed, including St. Peter's Square and the Basilica. The Vatican's publishing house and bookstore outside Vatican are also closed, with availability remaining online. 

The only places remaining open inside Vatican territory are the pharmacy and the grocery store, but with limited entrances. 

Pilgrims in the Eternal City are shocked and disheartened by the situation. 

 “We came to meet the pope and we didn't have the opportunity. We will have to come back.” 01.04

Even outside the square, law enforcers are making sure the three-feet of distance rule is applied to avoid the coronavirus spread.

The measures will be enforced until April 3, unless otherwise indicated. 

Melissa Butz