Christopher West’s new book explains John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to Protestants

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Christopher West, known for his translation of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, has written yet another book on the topic, “Our Bodies Tell God’s Story: Discovering the Divine Plan for Love, Sex and Gender.” 

In the book, he speaks of the beauty of the body, as God created them and the rising temptations society offers. 

Author, “Our Bodies Tell God’s Story”
“I knew the evangelicals needed a resource that translated ‘Theology the Body’ in a language that they could understand. So the goal of this book was to take John Paul II’s Theology of the Body,’ put it in a language that Protestant Christians could understand without compromising the message in any way.”

West explains the world today says the body is meaningless and what is done with it doesn’t matter. Yet, he continues, the Catholic Church proclaims the body reveals ultimate meaning, since God took on flesh and became man, the incarnation. 

That’s why it is only natural many temptations surround the flesh, and they’ve existed for centuries. 

Author, “Our Bodies Tell God’s Story”
“I wouldn't say this book provides more depth to the concept of sexuality, I would say the goal of this book is to reveal the depth that is already there. This is really the problem in the modern world. The sexual revolution comes around and speaks into a culture that is afraid even to talk about sex. There are all these taboos, and we didn't even have a language and we still don't know how to talk about this in a healthy holy, way.”

He says the book is for Catholics and Protestants alike. It is a great resource for learning the Church’s language about the body and how the Catholic faith teaches to honor it, upholding the dignity of every person.

Melissa Butz

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