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International architecture competition promotes beauty in sacred spaces

The seventh edition of the International Prize for Sacred Architecture, organized every four years by the Frate Sole Foundation, is now underway. 

It is open to architects who, in the last decade, have projected churches for any Christian denomination. Architect Luigi Leoni, current president of the foundation, explains its goal.

“The Frate Sole Foundation is fixed upon building a sensitivity toward the theme of beauty in sacred spaces. It seeks to promote sacred art and architecture.”

Submitted works must communicate expressive qualities of mystical values; harmony and beauty in form; originality; and creativity in architectural design.

In the previous edition, in 2016, first prize went to Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, with his Iesu Church in San Sebastian, Spain.

In second place came this wooden church of the Ka Don Parish in Vietnam. Its relationship with nature can be appreciated in its building materials and its use of open spaces full of natural light.

Third prize went to the St. Trinitatis Church in Leipzig, Germany. It was built out of the same stone used to build the most important monuments of the city, thus underlining the structure's relationship with history.

Admissions for this year's edition will be accepted until May 8, 2020. The awards ceremony will be held in Pavia on Oct. 3.