CRS Rice Bowls: prayer, almsgiving and global solidarity

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One way to live out prayer, fasting and almsgiving during Lent is by giving to those in need. Catholic Relief Services makes this easy year-after-year with their Rice Bowl. 

It's a way to give not only a meal to those without food, but restore dignity to people in more than 100 countries who lack the resources to live. 

Catholic Relief Services
'Lent is a time of sacrifice. It's a time for us to pray. It's a time for almsgiving and that's what CRS Rice Bowl does. It's a time for us to be connected, to have this global solidarity. Because all of the donations you give to CRS Rice Bowl help the people around the world, who are dealing with food insecurity. That's just a way to contribute during Lent.'

Catholic Relief Services has their material available online, so Rice Bowls can be delivered to one's house. Then, children and adults alike can begin to make sacrifices and put their monetary goods inside the rice bowl. 

While many are forced to do school work at home with the lockdown, CRS offers educational material for parents or teachers as well.

Catholic Relief Services
'We have lots of resources for people. We have online calendars, we have lesson plans. So we really think this is an opportunity to have that Lenten spirituality, even though we aren't able to gather like we used to.'

CRS is making sure help can still be given, even in unforeseen times. The small, cardboard box has the ability to change the lives of others through generosity and almsgiving, a tradition that has existed since 1975 during the 40 days of Lent. 

Melissa Butz

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