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60 global speakers make up virtual Theology of the Body conference, May 8-10

Since meetings and gatherings like this are unable to happen now with coronavirus, virtual conferences are becoming the norm. The Theology of the Body Institute is thus transforming their in-person conference to online. 

Theology of the Body Institute
“We already have tens of thousands of people signed up from around the world. It's free to register. We're hosting this from May 8-10. We have over 60 speakers, experts in John Paul II's teaching, who will be submitting 15-30 minute short video presentations, that you can watch in the comfort of your home.”

The conference is free to register and will be hosted from May 8-10. Its goal is to help people in this confusing time.

Theology of the Body Institute
“People can expect to be deeply inspired. They can expect to have hope breathed into their lungs again. We live in very confusing times, as we know. But for such a time as this, we have John Paul II's Theology of the Body. You'll be hearing presentations on all kinds of topics because Theology of the Body is like a pair of glasses that we put on that illuminates the whole of our faith.”

It includes world-renowned speakers like former model Leah Darrow, Fr. Jacques Philippe, singer Mike Mangione, Christopher West and 60 others who are uniting to bring a weekend full of virtual learning.

Melissa Butz