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Rome Reports

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St. Peter's Basilica undergoes deep cleaning to prepare for opening

After starting outside in St. Peter's Square, inspectors and cleaners moved inside the Vatican to clean the basilica. 


Vice Director, Vatican Sanitation and Hygiene

First of all, basic cleaning is necessary with the usual solutions of soap and water. After, we can use substances that are, as in this case, nebulized on the surfaces with the aim of quantitatively reducing bacteria and virus on all surfaces. It is clear that it is not possible to remove them all. That would be sterilization, that is what is done in the operating room. But, it is important to lower the viral risk a lot.”

From holy water fonts, to hand rails, each surface was cleaned, sprayed and mopped by those in haz-mat suits. 


Vice Director, Vatican Sanitation and Hygiene

“The cleaning was done, even before, of course. It was daily. Obviously, the busiest areas are sanitized more frequently and on a daily basis 02.33 FLASH 2.53 The important thing is to have enough people who are educated on how they should be distribute and use the cleaning substances. Luckily, we have all this available without any problem.”

The chlorine-based products will be used as the basilica opens May 18, keeping every pilgrim as safe as possible when they come to visit the Vatican. 

Melissa Butz