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Pope at General Audience recalls Portuguese diplomat as example of right conscience

During his General Audience, on the occasion of the “Day of Conscience,” Pope Francis called Christians to be an example of coherence and right conscience, guided by the Word of God.

Today is the “Day of Conscience,” inspired by the witness of Portuguese diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes, who around 80 years ago decided to follow the voice of his conscience and saved the lives of thousands of Jews and other persecuted people.

In his continued catechesis on prayer, the pope focused on Moses as a shepherd and an intercessor. He explained that Moses' faith and closeness to God allowed him to live out his vocation despite his doubts and fears.

With these fears, with this heart that often falters, how can Moses pray? Rather, Moses appears human like us. This happens to us too: when we have doubts, how can we pray?' It's not easy for us to pray.

Pope Francis also underlined Moses' fidelity to both his people and to God. He called all shepherds of the Church to follow his example.

Moses never forgets his people. This is the greatness of pastors: not forgetting the people, not forgetting their roots.

The pope said true believers are those who, like Moses, remember their people and intercede for them.