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Rome Reports

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Pope remembers earthquake victims in Mexico

Pope Francis sent a message to Mexico after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Oaxaca.

Yesterday, a violent earthquake hit southern Mexico, leaving some victims, many wounded and enormous damage. We pray for all of them.
Brothers and sisters, I am very close to you.

Pope Francis continued his catechesis on prayer. He recalled the example of King David. The important character from the Old Testament is a reflection of the incoherence in each person's life. However, he also shows the path of salvation.

David, the saint, prays. David, the sinner, prays. David, the persecuted, prays. David, the victim, prays. David, the executioner, prays. This is the common thread of his life. He is a man of prayer.

According to Pope Francis, prayer ennobled King David's heart and helped him repent and always return to the right path.

In the middle of the thousands of challenges of life, good or bad, but always praying. Thank you, Lord. I'm afraid, Lord. Help me, Lord. Forgive me, Lord.

Before concluding his General Audience, the pope said goodbye, as he will be taking vacation in July.

Pope Francis won't leave Rome during these hot weeks, but he will not hold any public meetings other than the Angelus on Sundays.

Javier Martínez-Brocal

Translation: Claudia Torres