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Religious leaders share words of wisdom during coronavirus

The coronavirus has driven many to introspection. That's why the Elijah Interfaith Institute launched “Coronaspection.” The project is a 39-part video series sharing words of wisdom and inspiration from the world's religious leaders during the coronavirus pandemic.

Corona has given this little idea for us to stop and think.

Director, Elijah Interfaith Institute
“What one sees unfailingly is how despite all these difficulties, religious leaders from different parts of the world, from 15 countries, from different religions, all joined in in trying to find the positive side, to turn what looks like a curse or a hardship, into an opportunity, something for growth, something to learn from.”

Each video presents a message or one-on-one interview with a different religious leader, either Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Baha'i.

Director, Elijah Interfaith Institute
“Because they're interviews, people actually see a conversation, a trusted conversation between myself and other people. So there is a sense of modeling respectful listening, mutual enrichment, bringing out wisdom, going for that deeper reflection, and people find that nourishing. So that's what 'Coronaspection' is.”

The project is neither controversial nor political. It's objective is simply to accompany people during the pandemic by sharing the wealth of spiritual insights different religions can offer.

Our doors are locked, but our hearts should be open.

The full YouTube series can be accessed through the Elijah Interfaith Institute's website: www.coronaspection.org