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Pope Francis supports global humanitarian ceasefire during pandemic

From the window of the Apostolic Palace, the pope asked the international community for unity in the face of the consequences from the pandemic. Specifically, he praised the UN Security Council for supporting the global ceasefire.

Pope Francis asked that this gesture become the first step to a stable future of peace. 

I welcome the call for an immediate and global ceasefire. It would allow the essential peace and security to provide the urgently needed humanitarian assistance. I hope that this decision is implemented effectively and quickly for the good of so many people who are suffering.

During the Angelus, the pope said today Jesus speaks to all men of good will. He gives them the strength to be "builders of the new humanity."

The world exalts the rich and powerful, no matter by what means, and sometimes tramples on the human person and his dignity. We see this every day in the trampled poor. It is a message for the Church, which is called to practice the acts of mercy and evangelize to the poor.

Furthermore, the pope explained that Jesus is the model of the poor in spirit and of the blessed. He said that "true wisdom also comes from the heart, it is not just understanding ideas."

Daniel Diaz Vizzi

Translation: Melissa Butz