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Will El Salmista brings Christian message to rap, reggaeton and hip-hop

Over the years, Christian music has made its way into the world of reggaeton, hip-hop and rap. That's thanks to artists like this musician from Puerto Rico.

“I'm Will Dani Calderón, and they call me the psalmist, psalmist because being famous isn't on my list, because my steps are firm and because I've fixed my eyes on Jesus. Fame doesn't appeal to me, so I hope it doesn't insist.”

“What's happening? People are looking for something different. What's happening? The Church is getting up, it's getting up.”

Will initially studied secular music, but he later decided to focus exclusively on Christian music, even opening his own recording studio, Salmista's Records, to that end. He wrote “¿Ké Stá Pazn2?”--in English, “What's Happening?”--after he was asked if he thought young people today were lost.


“I said, 'Wow, the answer to that question is no, the youth are not lost.' So then I decided to write a song to tell people what was happening with the youth. So what's happening? Well, young people are getting up, looking for new ways to evangelize. They're breaking down all the walls that exist. They're going out to the peripheries, as the pope says.”

Like the rest of his music, “¿Ké Stá Pazn2?” has received responses from fans in countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Spain and the United States.

Will says he writes his own lyrics based on personal experiences. In “Tú me conoces bien”--“You know me well”--he recounts some of the challenges he and his wife have faced, such as the loss of their first child, his mother's brain hemorrhage and his close friend's battle against cancer.


“I think that's why people relate so well to this music, because they're things that happen everyday. However, throughout this whole process we've been able to see God's hand at work.”

Throughout 2020, Will has been releasing singles from a new album dedicated entirely to the Blessed Mother. The artist is also excited for the release of his latest single, Júbilo, to be launched in August 2020.