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Pope in Angelus: The Assumption is more important than having stepped on the Moon

During the Angelus, the pope spoke of Jesus' meeting with the Canaanite woman who begged him to heal her daughter. Pope Francis asked for all prayer to have as much faith as this pagan woman had.

“Let us remember this prayer: 'Lord, if you want, you can heal me.' It's a beautiful prayer.”

In his subsequent greetings, the pope assured his prayers for causes of pain in the world. He recalled Lebanon and called for peace in Belarus, where protests are taking place after the elections.

"I am closely following the post-electoral situation in this country and I call for dialogue, the rejection of violence and respect for justice and the law."

The pope wished everyone a good summer break, but also asked that we remember something. 

That we don't forget the problems that exist due to COVID. There are many families who do not have a job. They have lost it and are unable to eat.

On the solemnity of Our Lady of the Assumption, Pope Francis also presided over the prayer of the Angelus. The pope said that the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven is more important than man's arrival on the Moon.

“It is of little use to go to the Moon, if we do not live as brothers and sisters on Earth. But that one of us dwells in the flesh in Heaven gives us hope: we understand that we are precious, destined to rise again. God will not let our body vanish into nothingness."

Pope Francis did not forget those suffering the most and called for peace and dialogue over the confrontation between three countries over the water of the Nile River.

"Today I would like to pray in particular for the population of the northern region of Nigeria, victims of violence and terrorist attacks. Let dialogue be, dear brothers from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, let dialogue be your only choice, for the good of your beloved populations and the whole world."

Finally, on the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, Pope Francis invited the faithful to remember Our Blessed Mother in a special way and to visit to a Marian shrine to venerate her.