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WINE: A ministry of womanhood to heal the body of Christ

After much prayer and discernment, Women in the New Evangelization, otherwise known as WINE, was born. It began as a response to Pope Francis' call for a deeper, more profound theology of women in the Church. 

Founder, WINE
“I heard in my heart, whereas the Lord said to St. Francis, 'Rebuild my Church,.' I heard, 'Heal my Body.' The Body of Christ is battered, bruised and broken and I need you as women working in these beautiful gifts I've given you in your womanhood to heal the body of Christ. So that's where WINE really began, with this desire to work in the gifts of the feminine genius and to heal Christ's body.”

Kelly insists women are equipped for this evangelization mission of relationship, both with God and others. That's why in the six years of WINE's existence, they focus on growing the gifts of each woman involved.

Founder, WINE
We held the very first ever National Catholic Women's Conference under the umbrella of WINE in 2017 in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Where we brought together more than 36 women's ministries and apostolates from around the country, to come and feed the women, also from around the country. People come from all over.”

Through book clubs, pilgrimages and its root in the Catholic Church, she says her goal is to unite women in faith from every walk of life. Kelly says this ministry is out to change the world, by connecting ladies with each other no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

Melissa Butz