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Pope Francis at Angelus: The Lord will ask us to account for all dead migrants

During the Angelus, Pope Francis posed the question: Who is Jesus for us? The pope explained that the answer to this question is not abstract.

Today we hear Jesus' question directed to each one of us: 'And you? Who do you say that I am?' To each one us, and every one of us must give, not a theoretical answer, but one that involves faith, that is, life, because faith is life!

That's why Pope Francis assured that the Church's commitment should be rooted in Christ, because the Church is not an NGO.

Christian charity isn't simple philanthropy but, on the one hand, it's looking at others through the eyes of Jesus and, on the other hand, seeing Jesus in the face of the poor. This is the true path of Christian charity, with Jesus at the center, always.

After the Marian prayer, the pope called attention to various tragic situations around the world.

He first lamented that people today are still persecuted because of their faith. He also recalled the devastating earthquake that shook central Italy four years ago. He also remembered the 10th anniversary of the grisly killing of 72 migrants in Tamaulipas, Mexico. They were massacred by a Mexican cartel because they refused to pay or work for these criminals. The pope was firm in his words about migrants who lose their lives while searching for better futures

The Lord will ask us to account for all the migrants who have fallen on their journey of hope. They were victims of the throwaway culture.

Lastly, Pope Francis asked not to forget the victims of the ongoing pandemic nor all those who have sacrificed their lives while responding to the health emergency.