Fire destroys overpopulated refugee camp in Moria, on Greek island of Lesbos

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Precarious living conditions and the coronavirus pandemic are now added to institutional abandon.

These refugees have been stripped of the little they had after escaping from their countries. They're thousands of women, men and children fleeing from war, terrorism, hunger and poverty, but above all, from a future of misery.

Flames devoured this refugee camp in Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbos. It's a major camp in Europe where about 13,000 people are living in a space designed for 2,500. It had one toilet for every 160 refugees and one shower for every 500.

That's why many NGOs and international institutions assure that it was only a matter of time until a tragedy like this happened.

The cause of the fire is unclear. It is thought to have been caused by a protest led by the refugees themselves, tired of living in such inhuman conditions.

The refugee camp in Moria was established five years ago, in response to the mass influx of migrants into Europe. They were, above all, Syrians and Iraqis fleeing from war in Syria and from the invasion of the Islamic State. The pope visited this place in 2016. There, he said that these refugees have a name and a history, and that they aren't merely numbers.

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