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Pope Francis: Resentment is like a fly on a hot day. Will you take your rancor to your grave?

The pope dedicated this Sunday's Angelus to forgiveness and reconciliation. 

"How much suffering, how many tears, how many wars could be avoided, if forgiveness and mercy were our way of life! How many divided families who don't know how to forgive among themselves, how many brothers and sisters who have this resentment within them."

The pope compared resentment to an upset fly on a hot day. He proposed to think long term and always reconcile as soon as possible. 

"I was struck by a phrase from the first reading on the book of Sirach. The sentence says: "Remember the end and stop hating." Good phrase! Think about your end! Remember that one day you will be in a coffin, will you take your hatred with you?"

Before leaving, the pope mentioned the refugees who have no place to go in Greece, after the fire in the Moria Camp. He visited this refugee camp in 2016. 

He also mentioned the protests that are taking place in several countries around the world, a non explicit reference to the pro-democracy demonstrations in Belarus. 

“I call upon those with public and governmental responsibilities to listen to the voice of their fellow citizens and fulfill their just aspirations by ensuring full respect for human rights and civil liberties.”

The pope recalled that the most Christian way of solving problems is always to promote dialogue and reconciliation.

His last greeting was to these cyclists suffering from Parkinson's, who have traveled from Pavia to Rome by bicycle. 


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