The pope gives a gift to the Polish President and his wife for their wedding anniversary

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The President of Poland met with the pope on the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Paul II and the 40th anniversary of the founding of the “Solidarność” trade union.

The meeting was warm and friendly, as there were jokes during the gift exchange. The pope expressed his expectations from the image of the Blessed Mother given to him by President Andrzej Duda.

So that she may work miracles…

Pope Francis gave the Polish president his main papal documents: his apostolic exhortations, his encyclicals, the Message for Peace, and a very special gift.

“This gift does not come from protocol but from the heart, in honor of 25 years of mutual patience.”

This is the papal blessing for the 25th wedding anniversary of the president and his wife.

After the meeting with Pope Francis, Andrzej Duda met with the Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, and made a private visit to the Vatican.

Andrzej Duda was re-elected on July 12 in a very close election. Recently, before the UN, he highlighted the need for global solidarity to confront the pandemic, a message that is very much in line with what the pope has been transmitting in recent General Audiences.

Javier Romero

Translation: Christian Campos

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