World conference proposes Christian response to controversial issues

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There is so much confusion in the world. Life has come to a halt. There seems to be so much irresponsibility. Phrases like these have come my way like never before in these times.

In response to these questions, New Fire, a Catholic platform, has organized a world conference on social politics, “This is Our Voice.” A variety of experts will speak about how to bring a Christian vision to face different situations of current times.

It takes everybody to be involved in this, because if we don't, we cannot complain about the world that surrounds us. It is time to learn to think, dialogue and have clear ideas about our world.

New Fire
“Having clear ideas on topics that continue to cause confusion is key to facing this problem of confusion.”

New Fire addresses a wide range of topics, from homosexuality and abortion, to feminism and racial discrimination. This initiative seeks to explore the challenges and confusion of the modern world and to form Christians so they can respond to these issues with conviction.

New Fire
“We're offering 16 presentations with top presenters from Spain, Latin America and the United States. The entire event will be broadcast in English and Spanish. Among the speakers, we have Agustin Laje, Frank Hanna, Marry Hasson, Mary Eberstadt, Fr. Fernando Morales, María Eugenia Cárdenas and many more.”

The conference will take place on Oct. 3 and 4. Participants must pay a registration fee to access the platform set up by project coordinators.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: CT

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