Pope Francis: We must find a vaccine against the coronavirus and inequalities

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Few people can participate in general audiences compared to those before the pandemic. That's why the pope now spends more time greeting the pilgrims and blessing the photos and religious items they show him. 

In his catechesis, the pope reflected on how Jesus not only healed the physical illnesses of the sick. He also healed them spiritually. He said that the challenge humanity faces because of the pandemic is greater than it appears at first glance.

“To overcome the pandemic we must not only find the cure for the coronavirus, which is important. We must also find a cure for the major human and socioeconomic viruses.”

The pope was referring to social problems, to inequalities caused by people, such as the lack of opportunities to access healthcare or education.

In addition, he also pointed out that technological improvements can never fully satisfy the desire to feel loved and cared for.

“We will never get out of this crisis caused the pandemic, mechanically, with new devices... they are very important. 'Father, there is artificial intelligence.' It's important and it makes us move forward. You don't have to be afraid of these things. But we must keep in mind that not even the most sophisticated devices will be able to do one thing. They will be able to do many things, except one. Affection.”

At the end of the audience, the pope announced that he had just signed a new apostolic letter. It is called 'Scripturae Sacrae affectus'. It is a document to reflect on the importance of the Holy Scriptures in the life of the Christian. As an example, he recalled a phrase of St. Jerome: 'to ignore the Scriptures is to ignore Christ.'

Javier Romero

Translation: Christian Campos

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