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New Nicaraguan ambassador presents credentials to Pope Francis

Francisco Javier Bautista Lara has been accredited as the new ambassador of Nicaragua to the Holy See. He's a writer, economist and former police officer. He was involved in the creation of the National Police of Nicaragua. In this first meeting with Pope Francis, he gave him this image of the patron of Nicaragua.

It was made by a Nicaraguan artist.
It's nice.
The artist is from a small town in Nicaragua, and he told me to give this letter to His Holiness

He also gave the pope this artisan piece representing the folkloric Güegüense dance.

It's a traditional dance from the 16th century in Nicaragua.
Very beautiful.

Pope Francis gave the ambassador these books.

They're the exhortations and encyclicals I've written. They're all here.

The new ambassador enthusiastically told the pope he was way ahead of him.

I already read your encyclical, Your Holiness.

After this initial meeting, they spoke privately about common interests, especially the tense situation between the government and the Church in Nicaragua.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Claudia Torres