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Pope Francis sends message of support to Poland against abortion

Pope Francis began his General Audience by reminding those present that he would not greet them personally in order to prevent contagion.

That's why he jumped right into his catechesis. The pope reflected on God the Father's words to Jesus during His baptism in the Jordan River. The pope said those words must be a central part of a Christian's life.

If during an evening of prayer we feel sluggish and empty, if it seems to us that life has been completely useless, we must at that moment beg that Jesus' prayer also become our own. We will then hear—if we are trusting—we will then hear a voice from heaven, louder than the voice rising from the depths of ourselves, and we will hear this voice whispering words of tenderness: 'You are God's beloved. You are a son. You are the joy of the Father in heaven.'

Then the pope greeted pilgrims from different countries. When he addressed the Polish-speaking community, he gave a strong message in defense of life, precisely when people in Poland are protesting the Constitutional Court's ruling that abortions are illegal, even when the unborn baby shows signs of congenital defects.

I ask God to place in every person's heart respect for the life of our brothers and sisters, especially for the most fragile and defenseless; and to strengthen those who embrace them and care for them, even when that requires heroic love. God bless you!

When he finished, the pope was true to his word and didn't approach pilgrims. Instead, he remained at the top of the steps and greeted them from there, to which those present responded with a loud round of applause.

Javier Romero

Translation: CT