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Vianna Garcia turns to music to help inspire other young people

This is Vianna Garcia. This emerging 21-year-old singer based in Arizona grew up in a household of evangelizers.

“I think I realized I wanted to evangelize through music simply because I would always see my dad be a part of the ministry himself. He was always such a big motivator. Both of my parents always encouraged me to follow God, to express myself through that, and they were definitely very supportive.”

Vianna combines her passion for music with her passion for serving others in her community.

She is currently a youth group leader and uses her testimony as a catholic missionary to inspire other young people in her parish, state, and other parts of the country.

She says that serving as a full-time missionary in Mexico made the biggest impact on her spiritual life so far. This is something she expresses very well in “Dos Monedas,” the track she feels most connected to.

“Is a song I feel most connected to, for many reasons.”
“Not only inspired on the passage in Mark chapter 12 of the old widow who gives her last two coins, but a lot of it he says and was actually inspired by the fact that I went on my mission, kind of just dropped everything and left. I think it’s always a reminder to me to give God my all.”

Vianna Garcia sings in both English and Spanish and already released her first album last year, precisely on the feast day of St. Cecilia. She is currently working on releasing her own song.

“And I actually wrote my first song about two months ago, so I’m excited to see, you know, what else the Lord inspires and what else I can put out there.”

Vianna says she looks forward to reachout to more youth with her music and serving as “an instrument of the Lord so that many others may also come to know Christ.”

Christian Campos