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Gaby Molina launches new single on how to overcome difficult moments

After the success of “Reconstrúyeme”...

...Gaby Molina is back with this new motif. It's called “Cuerpo y Sangre,” in English, “Body and Blood.” It's a spiritual cry from the heart, a tender petition asking God for help.

“We all go through difficult moments. We go through situations where we hit rock bottom and where we're vulnerable and express our suffering as if God weren't with us. Feeling that way is part of the process. In the end though, we recognize that God is before us, that God embraces us and that God lifts us up so we can continue to face the situations life presents.”

Gaby Molina wrote this song, which embodies one of the most personal prayers he's had with God, a moment of hope he believes God wants to give especially to priests.

“This is the message we wanted to bring. It was inspired by a desire to reach priests who feel alone, abandoned, who might feel, in their vulnerability, that God isn't with them, or who simply feel alone and sad and that their sacrifice hasn't been worth it. Well, it's hope for them too. That's why it's called 'Body and Blood.'”

The song has made an impact. Gaby has received messages from several people saying it was exactly what they needed to hear.

“For me that's success. It's the best possible outcome because what I want is for people to feel God's love. I want them to know that, despite those difficult situations, God is there, even if they can't feel or see Him.”

“Cuerpo y Sangre” is Gaby Molina's second single. Although making music is second to his job at a hospital in Puerto Rico, he will continue to write songs for the whole world.


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