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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: There is much hunger in our cities. We us not be indifferent

After the World Day of the Poor Mass, Pope Francis looked out the Pontifical Apartments window to pray the Angelus with the pilgrims in St. Peter's square.

We must do good, to come out of ourselves and look, look at those who have more need. There is so much hunger, even in the heart of our cities. Many times, we enter into that logic of indifference: the poor person is there, and we look the other way.

At the end, he asked for prayers for countries devastated by natural disasters. First, he spoke about the Philippines, which every year, faces the challenging season of typhoons. The most recent one caused severe flooding and dozens of deaths.

I express my solidarity to the poorest families who have been subjected to these calamities and my support to those who are trying to aid them.

He also asked pilgrims to pray for Ivory Coast, whose National Peace Day was held amidst serious unrest; and for Romania: A fire at a Covid-19 facility there claimed the lives of several people.

Javier Romero

Translation: Christian Campos