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Tips for finding your perfect match all summed up in this checklist

Whether you’re new to the dating scene or looking to find a partner, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right person to share your love life with.

Indeed this decision is not always easy. Many may ask if a particular list of criteria can help people make the right choices when choosing a partner. Well, now finding some of these answers is just one page away. Author José Brage made a checklist of specific things to look out for when selecting a partner.

One of the first and most important tips on the list is distinguishing that it's not the same to fall in love than to love someone. 

Author, “Checklist para elegir pareja”

“When the infatuation decreases, one begins to know the person better and can really love them even with their flaws. That's why I think this first tip is quite important. It is essential to know that going from a crush to really loving the person requires a lot of time and should not be rushed.”

Another important tip titled "Don't get into a mess", talks about how even though liking someone or falling in love is involuntary, one should assume responsibility for who they choose to love and eventually marry. 

Author, “Checklist para elegir pareja”
“As much as you are physically attracted to a person, no matter how handsome a guy is, no matter how great a woman is, you can get into a mess if you start a relationship with someone who lacks many other more essential characteristics and values that your mind can tell and asks for.”

Other tips on this checklist include:

"Take it easy," "A little distance does not hurt," and "Watch out for the lazy one!" where the author advises on the early stages of dating before committing to a serious relationship. 

Author, “Checklist para elegir pareja”

“There are 18 tips, but there could have been 30, or there will be people who have 10, but what is important is the second part of the title, which is “Checklist to (choose) a partner.” This means that it is up to the individual to choose the partner. I can be in love with someone; I can't control when this happens to me, but I can choose to go out with that person or not.”

The author and Spanish priest explains that following these and the rest of the tips will help you make the right choices in order to find healthy and meaningful love—the kind that enriches your life and creates new opportunities for personal growth and happiness.

Christian Campos