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The earthquake in Indonesia that made Pope Francis send two messages of solidarity

A strong earthquake struck Indonesia's Sulawesi island on Jan 15. The epicenter of the quake, which struck at 1:28 a.m. local time, was 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) northeast of the city of Majene. The shallow earthquake toppled homes and buildings, triggering landslides. At least 42 people were killed.

The catastrophe also caused more than 600 people to be injured, and 15,000 residents were displaced during the 6.2 magnitude earthquake, which sent people fleeing their homes in the middle of the night.

That same day, Pope Francis sent a message of support, and later, during the Angelus last Sunday, he took time to express his profound sadness regarding the tragedy. He asked for prayers and support for the victims and their families.

I express my closeness to the population of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, hit by a strong earthquake. I pray for the deceased, for the wounded, and for all those who lost their homes and jobs. May the Lord console and sustain the efforts of all those who are engaged in bringing aid.

Over the weekend, rescue workers desperately kept looking for survivors as reports stated that many people were still trapped in the rubble of collapsed homes and buildings. Authorities are still collecting information about the full scale of casualties and damage in the affected areas.

Christian Campos