The search for love finds new depth in recently released faith-based movie

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“About Hope” is the story of the eternal search for true love. When a fashion photographer meets the woman of his dreams, he sees a chance to have the life he always wanted. But first he must choose between what he thinks is love, and what he knows are his values. 

“How do you know if God’s leading you in a certain direction?”

Filmmaker, About Hope
“The movie really is about finding true love and what we have to do, where we can find that, how we pursue that, and how we’re involved in that process.”

It’s a love story, but also a lesson in self-discovery, growth, and acceptance.

“—Thomas, you have got to get your head out of your sketchbook and into reality.

—This has nothing to do with that.

—Are you sure?

—Yes, I’m sure.”

One of the movie’s driving forces is the role of faith. But it’s the characters and the storytelling, rather than explicit messages, that allow viewers to engage with its underlying theme. 

Filmmaker, About Hope
“This is just a story, but it’s about people of faith, and because of that the story kind of tells itself but their decisions bring the faith out.”

“About Hope” is the first feature film produced by Creator Films, a production studio that describes itself as people of faith making movies for the world. Which is what makes this film different from many of the other romantic movies out there.

Filmmaker, About Hope
“We don’t just want to make films for the Church, we want to make films that are very specifically targeted to the world, that would be something the world would look at and think ‘yes there’s value there,’ they would be able to receive and hopefully if they have eyes to see and ears to hear, be able to see and hear those deeper truths that come through them.”

“—Would you pray for me?

—I’d love to.”

Following a theatrical release that debuted among the top twenty in the American box office, “About Hope” is now available through streaming services worldwide. 

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