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Pope on Palm Sunday urges Christians to let themselves be surprised by Christ's Passion

For the second consecutive year, Pope Francis celebrated Palm Sunday in a chapel within St. Peter’s Basilica, at the Altar of the See of Peter.

The Mass began with the traditional procession of palms, which commemorates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. 

In his homily, Pope Francis asked Christians to let themselves be surprised anew by the story of the Passion. Which tells of God entering into the suffering of each person, so they are not alone or abandoned. 

Today, too, many admire Jesus: He spoke well, loved others, and forgave them, His example changed history...and other things. They admire Him, but their lives do not change. Because admiring Jesus is not enough. You need to follow Him on His journey, to let Him challenge you

The Pope explained that we lose the ability to be amazed by God when our faith grows dull from habit; we remain trapped in our regrets or we lose all our trust.

Let us start over from amazement. Let us gaze upon Jesus on the cross and say to Him: “Lord, how much you love me! How precious I am to you!” Let us be amazed by Jesus so we can start living again, because the greatness of life is not in keeping and affirming ourselves but in discovering that we are loved.

Throughout the long ceremony, the Pope walked with difficulty due to sciatica. 

Yet he was able to celebrate the entire Mass without any major complication. He plans to preside at the important ceremonies being held this Holy Week. 

Of course, this year only a limited number of pilgrims will be able to attend and they should keep strict social distancing measures.