The crucified of today are the image of Jesus. Let's not forget them, says the Pope

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At the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis reflected on Holy Week.

He recalled that, once again this year, liturgical ceremonies will be marked by the limitations of the pandemic.

Once again this year, we will live the Easter celebrations in the context of the pandemic. In the many situations of suffering, especially when those who suffer are individuals, families and people already marked by poverty, tragedy or conflict, the Cross of Christ is the sign of hope that does not disappoint. It tells us that not a tear, not a sigh, will be forgotten in God's plans of salvation.

It is in contemplating the crucifix during these days, said the Pope, that the unjust sufferings of so many people come to mind. 

Innocent victims of wars, dictatorships, daily violence, abortions... Before the image of the crucified God we will bring, in prayer, the many, the too many, people who are crucified today.

And there are many. Do not forget the crucified of today. They are the image of Jesus crucified, and Jesus is in them.

The Pope explained that Jesus' crucifixion, His experience of pain and death, are the proof of how deeply He loves each person.

He enters into suffering, into the tragedies of this world, to redeem and transform it, and also to free each one of us from the power of darkness, pride, and resistance to being loved, to being loved by God.

The Pope intends celebrating almost all the Holy Week ceremonies in St. Peter's Basilica. All except for the Holy Thursday celebrations which commemorate the Last Supper. 


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