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Rome Reports

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Engaging seminar to promote online evangelization

The pandemic has increased the use of streaming services, podcasts and social media. Some people, instead of following Mass at their home parish, followed the pope's Mass in Rome.

And lockdowns have only contributed to the expansion of the digital world. That's why professionals from Catholic Link have decided to offer a free seminar to teach people how to evangelize online. It will take place on April 20, 21 and 22.

“Imagine writing an article that touches 500 hearts a day for 10 years. Calculate that. It's a lot. Or a podcast that's the only prayer space for thousands of people.”

The seminar will explain how to put high-impact communication strategies into practice, how to create content that is appealing and accessible, and how to develop creativity suited to a digital context.

The goal is to provide the tools necessary to overcome the challenge of making an impact, not only on the Internet, but on people's hearts.

Javier Romero