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Gregorian University offers formation course for experts on Church's penal law

Few people know that the Code of Canon Law includes a list of punishable crimes. They include crimes committed within the Church that carry consequences both for society and for the life of the diocese.

Pontifical Gregorian University
“Sexual abuse cases, financial crime cases, cases of disobedience, pastoral shortcomings, lack of care for the people.”

Those who have studied Canon Law know the theory of penal law, but they must also learn the practical side of the penal process, from collecting evidence and interrogating witnesses to preparing legal documents.

That's why the Pontifical Gregorian University is offering a Diploma in Penal Jurisprudence, directed by expert of Canon Law, Guillermo Astigueta.

Pontifical Gregorian University
“The end goal is to give students a mindset that allows them to understand how the principles of penal law are concretely enacted, and so they understand how to carry out a penal trial without treating it as a competition.”

Canon Law proposes not only punishing the guilty but rehabilitating them. It's justice with a more human face.

Courses like this one encourage using the law as the main point of reference when processing criminals. That means being guided by what the law states rather than by pain and anger.

The year-long course is rich in practical content and will begin in October.

Javier Martínez-Brocal