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Pope Francis: It is inhuman to work so much and leave no time for prayer

With the pandemic getting more under control in Italy, this week's General Audience was the most crowded since pilgrims were once again allowed to attend in-person. 

Pope Francis spent a lot of time greeting them personally. 

He spoke with this newlywed couple.... 

Signed books and photos...

... and even received some gifts.

The Pope said this would be his second to last catechesis on prayer. He took the opportunity to explain how we can embrace St. Paul's message to live in a state of constant prayer.

Although he said day-to-day life is not always easy, the Pope reminded us to stay connected with God in the midst of our daily tasks. 

"It is inhuman to be so absorbed by work that you can no longer find the time for prayer. At the same time, a prayer that is separated from daily life is not healthy. A prayer that alienates itself from the concreteness of life becomes spiritualism".

He said that having a normal job can help us keep in touch with reality. 

Pope Francis also reflected on the challenges families with many children face in finding time to pray. He urged them not to be overly nostalgic for a life in which finding time for prayer was easy.

"With children, work, family obligations, and ageing parents, one gets the impression that it's impossible to finish anything. So it is good for us to think that God, our Father, who must care for the whole universe, always remembers each one of us. That's why we must always remember Him, too".

The Pope's longtime French translator, Father Jean Landousies, was not present at the Audience. 

He is retiring, and will be leaving the Vatican in the next few weeks. Pope Francis has publicly praised him for his steadfast service. 

Javier Romeo