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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: Jesus was not just a philanthropist who healed the sick

Pope Francis spent a lot of time greeting pilgrims before the General Audience.

He blessed photos…

…signed books…

and blessed these Salesian missionaries about to leave Rome.

At the General Audience the Pope continued his catechesis on prayer. And he explained the key to Jesus’ prayer.

"Jesus was not a philanthropist who took care of human suffering and illness: He was and is much more. In Him, there is not only goodness. There is also salvation, and not a sporadic salvation that saves me from an illness or from a moment of despair, but total salvation, messianic salvation, that gives hope in the definitive victory of life over death".

The Pope also reiterated the main point about his catechesis on prayer. He said the point is not just to learn to pray better, but to remember that Jesus prays for every person.

"Jesus prays for me. Each one of us can keep this in our heart. Don’t forget it, even in the most difficult moments".

This week the Pope extended a special greeting to Polish pilgrims, who made up a large part of the crowd.

And he greeted many of the sick before leaving.