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Strengthening one of Christian families' greatest resources: each other

For over 70 years, the Christian Family Movement has brought families together through service, faith-sharing, and prayer to promote Christian values in the family and society. 

Through hosting intimate discussions among its families, the organization builds support networks for Christian families seeking to live out their values in everyday life. 

President Couple, Christian Family Movement
“So many families feel like we're doing things alone, like we don't know anyone else who is dealing with the same things as us, and our social inquiries bring these families together to talk about what's going on in the world, and you see other families dealing with the same things and you talk about ways to address those concerns.”

While the Church in some regions may be growing in size, CFM's Executive Director Lauri Przybysz says that the group's focus on forming deep relationships among small groups of families remains essential for Christians in developing their faith life. 

Executive Director, Christian Family Movement
“It's all about relationships, and to make friends in your big parish—parishes in the US at least are becoming bigger and bigger entities, and the small groups are going to be essential for living our faith in the future.”

The pandemic forced organizers to find creative ways to safely bring families together, such as meeting virtually or holding socially-distanced open-air Masses. A reminder of the true value of community. 

President Couple, Christian Family Movement
“I think, one thing we've learned from the pandemic, or at least one thing experienced from the pandemic, is this sense of isolation somewhat. And I think there is a kind of a hunger now on the part of individuals and families to say: 'You know what, we really do need one another. We really do need concrete interaction.”

Now as the United States begins to ease restrictions put in place during the pandemic, the Christian Family Movement is seeking to recover one of the greatest resources for Christian families to strengthen their faith: each other.