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Rome Reports

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Pope encourages prison inmates to look to the future with hope

The Pope met with 20 inmates from a prison in Rome. Their meeting took place at the Pope’s residence on Monday morning.

They were accompanied by the prison warden and chaplain.

"Prisons run by women work better".

It was a short visit, but the inmates were able to tell the Pope about life in prison.

-"We’re going to open a bakery soon. When you have some time, we would love for you to visit. The people who bake the bread work from inside the prison".
-"And what else are you doing today?"
-"We’re going to visit the Vatican Museums".

The Pope, who has visited many prisons, gave them some advice.

"…look for the positive things in this moment of your lives, which isn’t the best. Look for the positive so you can move forward. And thank you for this visit".

Before they left for the Vatican Museums, the Pope gave them a blessing.

"May God bless you and help you move forward, and may you always look to the future with hope".

Pope Francis asks society not to forget those in prison, but to support them so they can return to normal life.