Pope Francis receives movie about “the great Spanish apostle of the 19th century”

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The director of “Un Dios prohibido” (Forbidden God) and “Luz de soledad” is an expert on important religious figures. His films are about people who have lived out their faith heroically in especially difficult situations.

That's why he chose to focus on St. Antonio Maria Claret. Not only did he found the Claretian Order, but he was also the Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba and Queen Isabel II of Spain's confessor.

Director, “Claret”
“He's a giant of the faith. He's the great Spanish apostle of the 19th century. The most prolific Spanish writer of the 19th century. An absolutely innovative person. A person with an inner fire, a spirit that he said was on fire with a burning love.”

“Claret” is told from the perspective of the writer, Azorín, who shed light on all the lies people spread about the saint.

Antonio Reyes plays the lead role. He's worked on a number of TV series, and this is his second time working on a film with Pablo Moreno.

Actor, “Claret”
“It gives me hope that we can continue to do (good) things. Even if it's on a personal level, I think we all have the responsibility to continue to prioritize love and the good. I think we should do everything with love. And I think that we should call unjust things unjust. And if something isn't right, we should say that it isn't the right way.”

The pandemic forced them to postpone the premiere, which was supposed to coincide with the saint's 150th death anniversary. They were finally able to present it in Rome and give the Pope the first copy.

Director, “Claret”
“It was a very moving experience. It was very exciting. Everything is so much closer in this new format used for the (Pope's) audiences. Of course the pandemic has been awful, but the opportunity to be so close to the Pope was great.”

The film will premiere in Spain in September and later in Latin America. The production team trusts that Fr. Claret's true story will bring together millions of people from all over the world. They hope to also release an English version.



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