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Pope Francis calls for “peace, dialogue, and solidarity” in Cuba

Pope Francis appeared in public once again after returning to the Vatican to continue his convalescence from home. 

As expected, he looks a bit thinner after his colon operation, and his voice is slightly weaker. 

Pilgrims from Cuba were present in St. Peter's Square to remind him of the protests taking place throughout their country. 

“I am also near to the dear Cuban people in these difficult moments, in particular to those families suffering the most. I pray that the Lord might help the nation build an increasingly just and fraternal society through peace, dialogue and solidarity.”

The Pope then recalled the recent storms in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands which killed 200 people. 

“May the Lord welcome the deceased and comfort their loved ones, may he sustain the efforts of everyone who is helping those who have suffered serious damage.”

Pope Francis also explained the importance of resting during vacation. He said that rest is the cure to getting caught in the “trap of activity,” where obtaining results and feeling important is seen as the most important thing.  

“Let us beware, brothers and sisters, of efficiency, let us put a halt to the frantic running around dictated by our agendas. Let us learn how to take a break, to turn off the cell phone, to contemplate nature, to regenerate ourselves in dialogue with God.”

The Pope is on vacation until August 4. He doesn't have any appointments on his calendar, but will continue his rehabilitation and deal with urgent matters. He left the crowd at St. Peter's Square asking for their prayers.