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Catholic family band shares joy of the Gospel through music

MJM7 is no ordinary band. It's comprised of Michael James Mette and five of his eight children. Together they tour dioceses around the United States to share the joy of the Gospel and prayer through music.

After spending years on the road as a solo musician with his wife Michelle and six children, he felt that God was calling him to unite his passion for music and family life.


“I could see my family as this liability that makes it harder to travel, makes it harder to play concerts, and instead what if we put that in the forefront? What if we said, 'this is who we are, and this is a feature of our music ministry?' And that's really the genesis of MJM7 is to say, it's not a burden to have a big family, it's a blessing, and we want to share that blessing with as many people as possible.”

Now, MJM7 is releasing a new album, “Exile.” It's a journey through Mette's personal trials during the Covid-19 pandemic and features his four daughters, whose voices deliver a sense of hope and joy to the audience.


“My daughters, they've really been supportive through this journey. That's a special joy to hear their harmonies on the album. And I think it really balances some of the times of anger and pain and frustration, to then have a moment of release and say, 'oh, we have a glimpse of what it could be.'”

In 2019, MJM7 was invited to perform at World Youth Day in Panama.

In addition to sharing their music with Catholics from around the world, the Mette family got to share a special moment with Pope Francis.


“I remember seeing Pope Francis wave out the motorcade to our family, because there was nobody else around, so he like personally waved to our family. And it just felt so exciting and overwhelming and emotional all together. This man who has command of all of the Catholics in the world, like he is in charge of the salvation of our soul, and he looked at our family with love and compassion.”

After receiving a papal greeting, MJM7 continues to share its message of praise and worship in dioceses throughout the country—just one example of how God bolsters faith through the power of the family.