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Prime Minister of Lithuania makes a donation to the Pope's humanitarian project in Ukraine

Pope Francis met with the Prime Minister of Lithuania, Ingrida Šimonyté, at the Vatican. 

They discussed current challenges around the world, including the Covid-19 pandemic and the humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan. They also discussed the role of the Catholic Church in promoting the protection of human dignity and of the family.

The Prime Minister presented to the Pope a donation of 10,000 euros for the Vatican's humanitarian initiative, “Pope for Ukraine.”

“We think it's very noble to help those collaborating on this common project, to which we would like to contribute.”

Pope Francis gave the Prime Minister the usual gifts, including his message for peace and other important documents from his pontificate.

But he didn't let protocol stop him from improvising a more thoughtful gift.

“This wasn't prearranged. When you arrived, you commented on how much art is in here. This shows this entire space, where I receive guests. All the art that's in here. This is where you walked in.”

Their meeting was evidently very friendly, a reflection of the good ties between Lithuania and the Holy See.