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Pope Francis' words of praise leave journalist speechless

After four days of traveling, meetings, ceremonies and speeches, during a press conference with journalists, the Pope publicly praised one of the Vaticanists on the trip.

"They say this journalist is available 24 hours a day for work, and that she always lets others go first and allows others to speak while she listens. It's nice, no? To hear those things about a journalist. And this is what José Beltrán says about our Eva Fernández."

Pope Francis referenced an article by José Beltrán, the director of “Vida Nueva,” a magazine the Pope is very fond of.

Hearing the Pope's words and her colleagues' applause left the journalist nearly speechless.

-Great Eva!
-Oh my gosh, incredible.

The Pope praised Eva Fernandez's work several times, especially the work she did for his latest long interview. Pope Francis spoke with Carlos Herrera, the main presenter of the Cope radio channel.

Eva Fernandez insisted for years to get the Pope to do that interview, and she took care of preparing a good chunk of the questions and of coordinating everything to make it possible.