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Mexican Catholic band communicates message of love and hope through music

Kayrós is a Catholic Mexican band from Guadalajara made up of seven young adults with a great passion for music and a desire to help bring people closer to God.

“Kayrós” is ancient Greek for “The Time of God.” The name reflects the band's goal to follow God's time and plan despite life's obstacles.

“At times, we've had only two members and the band has broken up. But then new people arrive who want to support the project, and the band re-forms. That constant breaking up and re-forming, that evolution of the band, fits with the group name.”

Their main goal is to keep touching hearts and changing lives. Their long-term goal is to make a full-blown career out of music, so that they can fully commit to Kayrós.

“We aren't just singing, playing instruments, the drums, the guitar. We're reaching people's hearts, lives and souls. And it's incredible when they allow us to do so. The whole world becomes very transparent and genuine. And the most important thing is communicating God's love, which is always present.”

“From the moment I wake up, I make God part of my life. I really like St. Francis of Assisi. He says we should preach through example. God is my strength, and there is nothing else for me.”

Caro says she never imagined she would one day be singing on a stage in front of large crowds, and much less as part of a Catholic group. So she was surprised to find not only a band, but a family from day one.

Kayrós has had two opportunities to perform at World Youth Day: in Poland and Panama. They have also performed in the United States and Mexico and have great aspirations, such as someday winning a Grammy Award.