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Rome Reports

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Global medical experts gather at the Vatican to discuss errors made during the pandemic

Medical and bioethics experts belonging to the Pontifical Academy for Life are analyzing the mistakes made during the pandemic.

They are currently in Rome for their annual meeting, this time to discuss three matters. 

The first and most pressing one is the injustice in the distribution of vaccines.

President of Pontifical Academy For Life

During yesterday's assembly, Brazil's representative strongly called for the abolition of vaccine patents, which are a cause of inequality in vaccine distribution.

The second matter is the lack of trust in public authorities due to the changes in recommendations. 

President, World Medical Association

And as we changed recommendations, some people saw that as uncertainty or lack of consistency in our message. And those that wanted to be suspicious, it gave them additional reason to be suspicious.

 Another key matter was when and how to invest in health buildings. The topic of how to deal with the total lack of hospitals in poor countries was also discussed.

President, Pontifical Academy For Life

Some countries want poor countries to get vaccinated, but they don't realize that they have other medical necessities. They also need to deal with other sicknesses such as malaria that affect more victims.

The Pontifical Academy For Life is made up of experts from more than 20 countries. Not all members are Catholic, but they thanked the Vatican for creating this space for dialogue. They mentioned it was great to reflect on the errors made during the pandemic and prepare for the future.

Javier Romero