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Young mother who sacrificed herself to save her child

Mariacristina Cella Mocellin, a mother of three, was declared Venerable by Pope Francis on Aug. 30, 2021., bringing her one step closer to beatification and sainthood. 

Born into a Catholic family in northern Italy in 1969, Mariacristina carefully cultivated her spiritual life from an early age. The depth of her faith would one day give her the strength to perform an extraordinary act of selflessness. 

General Postulator, Order of Friars Minor-Capuchin
“Her extraordinariness doesn't just suddenly spring up like a mushroom. Instead, it's something that matures over time. In fact, when she was 14 years old, she started keeping a journal, and she began with the words, 'The Lord is everything. The Lord is everything for me'. So it's a progressive development that culminates in this moment, in this freat gesture of charity.”

In 1991, Maricristina married Carlo Mocellin. When she was pregnant with their third child, a tumor appeared on her leg. She had already undergone surgery to remove a tumor years before. This time, the couple agreed to delay chemotherapy in order to protect the baby. 

The baby was born healthy, but it was too late for the chemotherapy to save Mariacristina, who was 26 years old when she died.

General Postulator, Order of Friars Minor-Capuchin
“When the priest performed the anointing of the sick, she said, 'Easter is almost here, but for me, today is Friday. It is Good Friday, but that doesn't mean', she says, 'that God's Providence is lacking. Even this moment of pain and suffering is for a greater good.”

It's this unbreakable faith that her parish, family and all who knew her remember. The Amici di Cristina Association is dedicated to keeping Venerable Mariacristina's memory alive, and of living by her strongly held belief that nothing is lost if everything is offered up to God. 


Associazione Amici di Cristina