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Pope Francis to employers and workers: Subsidies must only be a temporary help

As the global economy rebuilds from the pandemic, Pope Francis delivered a strong message promoting working culture while praising the creativity of entrepreneurs who create jobs.

"Welfare can only be a temporary help. You cannot live on welfare. Because the main objective is to provide diversified sources of work that allow everyone to build the future with effort and ingenuity."

The Pope spoke during a virtual meeting with businessmen and workers in Argentina. Pope Francis also responded to alleged criticism for his support for social assistance.

"Some have attributed to me things that I do not believe: that I propose a life without effort, or that I don't value the culture of work. Imagine saying these things about a descendant of (immigrants from) Piedmont, who did not come to our country with the desire to live off others, but with an enormous desire to roll up their sleeves and build a future for their families."

The Pope said that work is not only a means of subsistence, but something that gives dignity because “it is a path toward maturity and the fulfillment of the person.”

"I will not tire of referring to the dignity of work. What gives dignity is work. He who has no work feels that he lacks something. He lacks that dignity that comes from work, which anoints with dignity."

Pope Francis praised this initiative of dialogue between businessmen and workers. It is called “Let's achieve a sustainable Argentina,” and it is organized by Argentina's Institute for Business Development.