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Vatican approves creation of Bishops' Conference of the Amazon

Pope Francis has implemented one of the proposals from the final document of the Amazon Synod. It was a request for a “permanent and representative episcopal” body in the Amazon region to promote synodality.

The Bishops' Conference of the Amazon was established in June of 2020, and now it is officially recognized by the Vatican.

Secretary General, REPAM
“It's like a complement to help develop initiatives. For instance, the Amazon University has to be a reflection of the specific needs of the entire region. For example, Amazonian ritual is complex and has a relationship with Vatican bodies and so requires a special structure.”

The conference does not include only bishops and priests, but also lay people and missionaries who live in the the Amazon.

The Pope has asked the Bishops' Conference to prepare its definitive Statutes.

He asks the new Bishops' Conference of the Amazon to “promote a common pastoral work in the Amazon region and to incentivize greater inculturation of the faith in that region.”

October 13, 2021
"There are many temptations to want to impose one's own lifestyle on others, as if it were the most evolved and appealing."

When the new statutes are written, the Pope will review and approve them to promote evangelization in one of the world's most extreme regions.